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Stream Support

Stream Support

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As we raise money for organizations & families it's also important that we allow our audience to contribute to costs of running the stream. 


Your support / Donations are always appreciated! Here's a list of what they go to


* Transportation ( Gas, Uber)

* Security

* Fees ( Hotspot / internet bills, Subscriptions to run certain applications, & more)

* Travel fees ( Plane tickets, hotels / airbnbs) 

*  Gear & equipment 

* & more but privacy 

HOT TO: Here you can send support in $5 increments, if you'd like to send more than $5 just up the quantity.

If you'd prefer any of the following apps here are those! 


Cash App: $olxLuna$olxluna


Venmo: @SolxLuna





Monthly costs approximate to $950 monthly, any extra funds get donated to local businesses. 

by no means does the streamer use donations for personal purposes. But if you'd like to individually support this streamer you can purchase merch (on this site) , or stream / download his music.


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